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So you want to submit to the BiblioFiles, huh?

Well, there are a few things you should know-

For Writers:
           We recommend that you send your artwork either as a .doc or .docx file, they are compatible with our computers and provide seamless transition as we do our editing.
           We also ask for only five pieces if they are less than 500 words, and three if they are short story or over 500 words.  Now, if it's on the cusp, it's not a deal-breaker, the number is somewhat arbitrary.
           Although not required, we ask writers to try and stay away from cliche story-lines and poetry. 
           We also do accept simultaneous submissions, as long as you let us know beforehand and also if it is accepted elsewhere.
           We do not accept reprints.

For art:
           Please send your images as .jpg or .jpeg, and try to keep them large pixel images.  Otherwise, they might not be accepted because they look cheap when printed or blown up in size.
          Keep in mind what your picture may look like in greyscale.  We won't be able to publish in color immediately, so although your picture may have dazzling colors, it may seem to be missing something in greyscale.  Plan accordingly!

For all applicants!  READ BELOW.
           Please, please, PLEASE do send a cover letter.  If you don't know what it is, just give us your name, address, prior publishing accomplishments, and a short biography (50 words or less).  Otherwise, we won't be able to publish it under your name or mail out copies.
           Please title it "Yourname/ Bibliofile Submission", and if possible, have the art you send clearly state your name either in the name of the file or in the file itself.
          Statement of Rights and Intent to Publish
           Submission to The BiblioFiles for publication constitutes a grant of license to publish.  The BiblioFiles retains First-Time North American Publication Rights.  These are standard rights for most literary magazines, it grants us permission to alter your art work or writing to be fitting for our magazine.  Keep in mind that our literary magazine incorporates art and literature-- neither is the focal piece.  Copyright reverts to the artist following publication.  The right to publish not withstanding, The BiblioFiles shall be under no obligation to publish any poem, prose, or artwork to which it retains such right to publish.

Thank you!  Now start submitting!

Currently we are not taking submissions:  Publication is due out within a month, and we will notify when we will begin accepting submissions again.  Thank you.
Send here:
If things keep going well as they are, we will soon offer a snail-mail address for submissions as well.